Taking control. Owning your life. Doing what floats your boat.

hello september

I feel a bit of a theme reappearing in my blog-entries for the past few weeks. So I think it’s safe to say I’m speaking my mind and using my blog as a bit of an outlet, as you do with a blog. Something I definitely used my friends for previously, whereas this was more of a creative outlet. I’m always a bit scared of not knowing who’s actually reading this. As I know a lot of you don’t actually leave comments (hi there!). But I’m going to be real with you guys. Like, for real real. Open-hearted real. – And honestly, I need a little reminder to myself, now that I’ve started my thesis writing and started floating through time.

I guess sometimes you feel very misunderstood. Not only by the ones around you, mostly by yourself. Be it an angsty misunderstanding or a very serious soul-searchy misunderstanding (which seem to be kind of the same in my book, but there’s a apparent difference). Either way, I feel this misunderstanding is some kind of overwhelmed-mess. Overwhelmed by the world, or yourself. Nick Miller made a good video about owning your life, which made me think and I concluded I wholeheartedly agree on some of the points with him. If you haven’t seen it or don’t want to, he gave 7 steps for owning your life. Ranging from a to-do list, exercise, sleeping well, give your time to other people and cutting out the noise: the illusion of connectivity. “Because owning your life, starts with owning just one day”.

While routine, or rhythm, often contributes to being overwhelmed, it also can be a good thing. Getting out of bed at the same time every weekday, exercise everyday for at least 15 minutes, learn something new everyday for 15 minutes… all these things give yourself a little grip on life while making your head clear and taking time for yourself. – Routine can also be a bad thing, when you get out of bed, smack some make-up on your face without thinking and running for the bus to work/uni with just a coffee or an apple for breakfast is probably not going to get you anywhere. But having said that, I think this routine, or rhythm, is different for everyone. Both a positive routine as a negative routine. Everyone has different feelings, preferences, biological clocks and things like that that influence your day. While routine can be positive, don’t let it control your life. It will probably work for a while, but it’s probably going to break you sooner or later. Be it a few weeks, a few months or several years, eventually it will. And then there’s the overwhelming feeling again.

You, and only you, can see inside your mind. Understanding your mind is vital, but so is understanding your heart. As the mind and heart work differently for all of us, there’s not just one universal guidebook. Which is so obvious to say. But at the same time, it’s to important to say. You are your own unique person. So finding a routine or rhythm, or even lifestyle if you like, that suits ourselves is important when doing what floats your boat, when taking control. We need to make time for ourselves. We need to get to know ourselves. Daily. In order to take back control. To own your life. To do what floats your boat. Realise what it is that you want. Realise what it is that makes your eyes flicker with excitement. Don’t ever settle for less. What would you do if you weren’t afraid? Take control, do as you please and don’t fall into a negative routine. As far as I know, you only have one life to live here on planet earth. So why not, this is the beginning of anything you want.

Talking about this topic, it’s really heard to not sound like some Disney Princess would in a song. I also tried to avoid talking like a Hallmark greetings-card. But, alas.

I do hope you feel better after reading this. I appreciate you and I thank you for the time you give me when reading my blog.

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