Best of the Internet #12


I don’t know where to start. My last exam was finished yesterday, my last deadline is this weekend, I will leave for a short break to Germany (yay!) on Monday and here’s a little list of favourite things on the internet of the past couple of weeks. I feel a bit exhausted and breathless, and definitely in need of a break. Today’s June 20th which means it’s the start of summer! I hope to swap these boots for sandals soon, hehe. I hope you’re well. Have a remarkable weekend!

About opening your soul and restoring your faith in humanity. Whenever I’m feeling down, I love love love (!!!) reading Humans of New York facebook posts. Especially the top comments and replies are awesome. Even though I think New York is a phenomenal city, I don’t know if I could ever live there. I somehow always felt like it’s only for the real people, unconsciously implying that I’m not a real person. Which is nonsense of course, because we’re all people and we’re all very real. Lots of you probably know Humans of New York already, but try reading this on a not-so-good day and your heart will be warmed.

This sweet potato cake with marshmallow frosting looks so good, that I don’t want to wait for autumn to make/eat this.

Marc & Angel hack life has been around for quite a while, they often come up with incredibly honest and uplifting or motivating posts. When I reread this post though, about ’20 tiny thoughts crushing your biggest dreams’, I realised the truthfulness of their words. It’s so easy saying no, or remaining passive or being sad. Put yourself out there and have fun.

Summer is just around the corner. Even though I am working 60% of the time, I am planning on having a marvellous summer. I saw this post on Apartment Therapy on fun things to do that don’t require much money. But also this video by Elio on Youtube (you have to see this, not only because of the content but also because of his genius beard). There’s no reason to go out and explore.

There’s more from Elio I want to share, it’s this video from his ‘self-improvement-week’. It’s named ‘Finding the Good Enough’. And what he says is so true. I think it’s not just about doing things that are ‘good enough’ but also being. You are good enough.

And to close this Best of the Internet of with something light and weird here’s two Japanese girls lip syncing to ‘Love is an Open Door’ from Frozen (Japanese version) with the BEST facial expressions.

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