Exploring Summer Music

I think music is a great way to remember moments in your life and how you felt back then. Be it really epic or kind of sad, it’s a powerful way to connect with… well, yourself. I also think music can put you in another mindset. I’m a big fan of discovering new music, and even though some friends of my might say I’m a bit of a hipster-snob when it is about music (and OK, maybe I am), I think I’m really open to discover new styles, bands and artists. I love that moment when you find a little gem and keep listening to it for days.

Summer is one of those times of year when I usually get back to my ‘good old summer playlist’. But right now, I thought it’d be time for new music and to share it with you, obviously. It’s quite a bit in one go, but we’ve got a long summer ahead, haven’t we? Rest assured though, I tried to keep my hipster-snob opinion to myself. ;-)

{also, I’m experiencing some technical difficulties with the commenting system, I hope to solve the issue soon… some people seem to still be able to comment though, so I’d love to hear from you!}


I think Burberry Acoustic is one of my favourite things on Youtube. They feature really great artists and have always kind of dreamy videos. I’ve never heard of Lion Bark before, in fact when I tried to find them on Last.fm just before writing this post there wasn’t even a description of the band. They’ve got a SoundCloud, in case you were wanting more.

I always like onomatopoeias. But that’s not the only reason I like this. Just give it a listen, it’s especially nice when the sun has just set and you’re alone watching the stars from your bed. Again, Nick Mulvey is a new one to me… but this is ‘even’ on Vevo (and it’s been since January this year) so I guess I’ve been missing out?

Talking about music that makes you feel different or putting you in a different mindset. I absolutely love the whole album of the American Authors. They’re probably my favourite band thus far this year. I chose to share this one (though I’m not sure whether I think this is the best one of the album to share), but I really like this, this and this one too. And I recommend to give them a listen too.

This song definitely is that one you listen after a very long day, when riding home in a car / train / bus whatever. This is one for a sunset and feeling content (and maybe a bit nostalgic). – By the way, is it just me or are stopmotion-y movieclips getting a bit old?

Ok, I know I just said that I thought stopmotion-y movieclips were getting a bit old. But this is pretty cute, is it not? The music may be a bit odd within this little list, but I like the vibes!

And with this, I’d like to conclude… there is no limit to indie hipsters. This clip shows it all, blurry shots of coffee and polka dotted shirts included.

Minor revelation, just between you and me though… I already have been listening to Kishi Bashi (first song) for quite some time. But I think it’s such a cool video/song that I couldn’t let it out of a summer-music-post….right?! (I mean: “I haven’t felt this alive in a long time. All the streets are warm today, he-e-ey” is pretty much the definition of summer-feels is it not?)

Also, do you guys have any tunes you really like for this years’ summer? I’d love to hear it! Happy weekend!

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