A new start


So yes, hi there! Sorry I dropped off a little while ago. I had summer weather, and work, and uni stuff and some more uni stuff (exams + thesis proposals = stressing out). And well, I decided I wanted to do something different from now on. I got myself a domain and I switched to WordPress! Oh me, oh my… Change is good!

Every year now, just before the blogoversary, I have posted a little post on soul-searchy things and the future and past and how I feel about this blog and about you guys. This year is the third year and I’m more ready than ever. I decided I wanted to spam you guys / the blogosphere / the world with more of what makes me happy. And hopefully inspire you guys to be happy or inspired or just simply your awesome self. I decided to invest more in the things I like / that make me happy. Meaning blogging, using my creativity, interacting with you guys etc.

I feel I could’ve shared so much more awesome stuff the last year, but to be honest… it was a pretty tough time. So much has happened between June last year and now. In so many different ways. And even though things aren’t as ideal as they might have been before, I feel better than ever. At least, I keep telling myself that, and so far it works pretty OK. I’m one week away from my last official summer holiday (or I should be getting myself a masters degree after this) so I was planning on making it a very, very memorable one. With all my near and dear. And hopefully with you too! ;) – this is a promise… to you but mainly to myself. Life is about getting yourself out there, is it not?

I hope you guys are with me to embark on this new journey with this new start (or, well… continue, but just differently).

Lots and lots of love,

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