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Last weekend was a blast. I catched up with some friends. To be honest, so many things happened in the last week that it was nice to have some time with them and wind down!

The weekend started at Friday night, my friend I. and I would go the a gig of Alex Winston… but unfortunately, it was cancelled due to her sickness! We were so bummed, so instead we decided to go to see a movie (Bad Teacher is bad movie). Saturday was such a rainy day, but we had a marvellous day! We went for a sushi workshop! Yay, I love sushi so bloody much! My friend had invited me to attend and I could not refuse (I ate so much sushi and got to take some home too — sushi monster’s dream come true)

Sunday I catched up with my college friends in the Hague. We visited Parkpop, which is a free festival in The Hague. The line-up was pretty shitty and I did not see anyone performing, but it was nice catching up in the grass while eating unhealthy food. :)

Oh, and happy days! I will be moving to Amsterdam soon! My friend I., who invited me to attend the sushi workshop moves into a new building in July and she needs 3 people for the apartment. Guess who! ME! No kidding!

By the way, I received a blogger award from Jane (Deluminators), I suppose I’ll be doing that one day soon!
I hope all is well at your side of the world. Are you already having summer holidays or what are you guys up to?