On y va: Bruxelles!

So, this is how I spam you with pictures of an awesome trip to Brussels! Last weekend was one of those weekends that refresh the mind and revive the happy spirits of autumn/winter. The weather was sunny and cold, the very best there is! And although I’ve been to Brussels one time before, I have seen so many awesome things I’ve never seen or heard about.

The Magritte Museum was definitely my ultimate highlight of the trip. If I case I haven’t told you guys this before, René Magritte is my all-time favourite painter. It was such a great experience to walk though a museum that was especially into Magritte, I saw some paintings I never saw before and it was bloody brilliant, I would even go back for this museum only. Unfortunately, no cameras were allowed… :(

During our stay, we discovered that worldwide premiere of Tintin was held in Brussels! Which was pretty cool because there were all kinds of events going on in the city. On a square before a building that looked like it was going to host the premiere there were all kinds of huge posters of drawings from the Tintin comics, with matching ‘real-life’ cars in front of them. (as you can see above) I’m not really into cars, but this was just plainly awesome.

We ate so many nice things, waffles, mussels, brilliant fries (with super-duper nice mayonnaise!). And Godiva was simply divine. The architecture in the city was gorgeous, and we walked so much that I was glad I wore my Timmies. The people were so nice, it was weird though… the bilingual aspect, I never quite knew if I should start in Dutch, French or even English. Oh, what a brilliant weekend.

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