Art, to keep me sane

I had a plentiful week this past week. Exams for the first half of the semester are over… coming Monday the second half starts and I will be learning about the law and management done in the world of art and museums. Hurrah! After this semester I’ll be studying art history since 1900! (Can I get a hell yeah?!) Even though this all looks pretty sweet to me, I am feeling a bit put down lately. A bit of an in between feeling. I wish that Christmas could come fast.

I luuuuurrvve modern art, or… art since 1900. My favourite painter ever is Magritte. But anyhow, last week I visited my friend in The Hague. And before actually seeing her, I visited the ‘Gemeentemuseum‘. They had this lovely exposition on modern art from Paris I had to see.I must say, I really like the work of Matisse too.

The last picture, did you notice those awesome shadow-like people? Unfortunately, I forgot to write down the name of that painter. :(

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