Come On! Let’s Boogey To The Elf Dance!

It’s been a while, again. But I have so much to do before Christmas holidays. Only four more weeks to go, and so much to do. (For college that is, not Christmas preparations!) But fun things are happening too (and are ahead), last week a flatmate/friend of mine celebrated her birthday, so I made her a pie. This Nutella-pie was amazing… it was almost better than the first time I made it. It’s somewhere on this blog, but the recipe can be found here. Tuesday I need to visit a museum for my studies and Wednesday I’m celebrating another birthday. I shall blog a bit more often too, just to put all of you in a Christmas-y atmosphere! ;-)

As I have been telling you every post since a while back, I love Christmastime. Tonight I’m putting on my Christmas tree in my flat. It’s a fake, but I love it. And this way I can actually have a tree. A few years back I got myself a great Christmas present: Sufjan Stevens: Songs for Christmas. I could fill a whole post with how awesome it is, the music, the artwork, everything is perfect. But I’m keeping it at this. If you know a Sufjan Stevens fan who doesn’t know about this yet, you now no longer have to search for a present. They’ll love it.

You can find a lot of songs from the discs here on Youtube!

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