Let Your Heart Be Light

Oh, I had a terrific week. It was horribly busy, and I still can’t figure out how to get my photos from my camera to my laptop without first putting them on my pc. Buuuut, that will not spoil the fun. I’ll figure it out… eventually!

I went to this brilliant museum in Haarlem. It’s called ‘Teyler’s Museum’ and it’s one of those places you actually wished you could live. Everything was laid out to explore, photos will be up soon!

Next to that, more good stuff! This weekend we celebrated this Dutch annual event. It’s ‘Sinterklaas’, and we’ll give each other gifts and poems (and eat lots, and lots of sweet, sugary things). I got some pretty awesome gifts. Some of the best: The Great Gatsby by Scott Fitzgerald, Lost In Translation, Paris je t’aime and A Single Man and an sort-of instant-mix for Japanese curry. It was lovely, spending Sunday evening with family and friends. Got me slightly more into my Christmas spirits!

It’s already three weeks left and I’ve already send my first Christmas cards! Oh, and that Christmas tree you see above, it’s the one I put up last week in my flat! And whew, I think it’s awesome. Christmas trees give me such a cosy feeling! I hope your Christmas trees are already up, or are put into your living room real soon! So long, my friends. Have a great week!

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