At the fireplace while we watch the chesnuts pop!

Alright, I really want to watch these movies, you’ve probably heard of them but I still haven’t watched ’em. I love watching movies this time of year. You know, cuddle up the couch with a huge cup of tea (or hot chocolate with whippedcream and marshmellows) and a purring cat, just to stare at the TV screen and crawl into someone else’s story. *Sigh* I start to think that I really need a holiday, don’t you? But then again, I love watching movies anytime.

Talking about movies, the last movie I saw was “Morning Glory”, which was a bit of a disappointment. However, the last movie I saw in the cinema was Tintin, and that really got me going. Such a fun and awesome film to watch. I laughed so hard, that the friends I was going with had to laugh just because of me. Such a lovely movie. And I like Jamie Bell so much. Have you guys seen the episode he was on The Graham Norton show with Kate Winslet and some other bloke? Oh, good times.

Aw yeah, 16 days until Christmas!