Teyler’s Museum, Haarlem (as promised!)

A quick post about the museum I visited for one of my courses at uni. It’s Teyler’s Museum in Haarlem, The Netherlands. It is the Holland’s’ first and oldest museum. And this week it’s announced that it’s nominated to get on the list of World Cultural Heritage of UNESCO. Which is, yeah, pretty much a big deal, so I hope it’s going to work because it’s really worth it.

The museum itself is not really big, especially not if you put it next to museums with a similar purpose/collection (Louvre in Paris, Fredericianum in Kassel). Once entered you feel like you’ve stepped into another time. The whole museum, except for the paintings area, got this old and nostalgic feel. Like there are millions of treasures to be discovered. A very unique aspect is that the historical presentation of its collections are largely unchanged since the late 18th and 19th centuries, when the actual museum was founded.

A stroll through the museum takes you from fossils and minerals to prints, drawings and paintings, from scientific instruments to coins and medals. At first I didn’t really like the museum, you can’t really tell which object is really valuable opposed to others, especially in the fossils area. But once you know the story behind a certain object, it’s getting really interesting.

If you’re ever in the neighbourhood on a slightly longer stay, (it’s not in Amsterdam), go see it.

During my stay I totally forgot to write down the names of the pictures :(

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