New Year, New Camera

To commemorate another year, to start with one of my resolutions (#???: be more creative), I thought I’d be a good idea to finally just buy the damn thing and get on with it. I have been thinking of purchasing the Fujifilm Instax for a long time, and I was so excited when it arrived at my doorstep this morning. Such a gorgeous camera.

Unwrapping the box was quite exciting to be honest. I love to unwrap new fancy things, everything was in Japanese, and it was all so sleek and pretty. I guess I have been looking forward to this camera much too long. I can’t wait to show pictures I’ve made. But I still haven’t shot the first one. I mean, it’s the first photo that’ll come out of it… (do I give it too much thought maybe?)

I got some fancy free cookie cutters from Lomograhpy too, in shapes of little lomo-cameras. Oi, I need to bake more…