Thirty Year Anniversary

Alrighty, my parents big 30 year anniversary was celebrated this weekend. This was mainly done on March 3, a.k.a. Girls Day in Japan. Which is why we had a special, super delicious, cocktail when we had this super nice lunch in the hotel my parents met so many years ago. We try returning to Hotel Okura in Amsterdam every year. I love (! ! !) the Yamazato restaurant, it’s traditional Japanese and sitting there makes you feel like you’re back in Japan again. — Anyhow, warning: foodporn ahead!

I guess there’s no need for me to tell you how amazing it tasted and how beautiful everything was. And best of all, how much fun it was for the whole family to be together! My ill grandfather was there too, so it was a great afternoon of celebration.

A lunch like this made me yearn to go back to Japan. But even home at my parent’s place sounded amazing when I got home at the flat, to find one of my flatmates had already moved out and made the place look like we were robbed. — No but seriously, a disappearance of a big tv, couch, two tables, and there were some stinky bananas lying around and a lot of dirty dishes was not quite the warm welcome I was aiming for.

But oh well, that’s student life like right… or so they say. Let’s focus on the good stuff: one week left until Paris!

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