After the rain

Hurray, lucky me. Today is the first day of my week off! Yesterday night I arrived at my parents, after having a great day skipping school with a friend/classmate and jumping randomly on a train. (I recommend doing this sometime!) We ended up going to Schiphol, the international airport near Amsterdam. We went to the panorama terrace and kept seeing planes leave to far off places for an hour or so, while staying in the sun and eating hotdogs.

Today however started out raining heavily. When it suddenly stopped, I took my chance to walk the dog. So I got out and about on a little adventure and to snap some photos of flowers, the little signs of spring. I never knew my parents had a blossom in their garden, lucky me.

Monday morning I’ll be heading to the UK. I’ll escape the Queensday-craze, hurrah! Anyway, I’ll see you when I see you!

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