Back from London

Alright, so just so you know. This post contains a mash of my photos in London. My days in Birmingham were fun too, I just didn’t take a lot of pictures, hehe. If you’re hungry, you may want to skip the food-part of this post. ;)

It has been a while, fourteen years, since I last visited London. And I don’t really have a clue how it has taken me so long to return. Even though it just doesn’t has that European atmosphere like Brussels, Paris and Vienna… it has it’s own ‘air’. It breathes British-ness and I love it. My friend and I were accompanied by two of her classmates/friends so the four of us got a whole day of exploring London. Doing a bit of a sight-see, going to Harry Potter’s famous platform 9 3/4 and such. Next time I really should visit Camden Town!

Next to that, Tate Modern, Uniqlo and the Harrod’s Food Halls got a visit too. I went shopping the day before in Birminham, just a little bit (going to David & Goliath, Waterstones, Muji etc.) so I didn’t bring much from London except for an uniqlo tee and, ehr, food.

The Yayoi Kusama exhibition in Tate Modern was phenomenal. I really loved her room installations. Especially the ‘Infinity room’. If you ever see an exhibition of her near you, or if you plan on going to London before the 5th of June, I recommend you seeing it. Her art may be a bit too modern for some, but just her room installations are worth a visit.

And hurrah for Ladurée in Harrods! I couldn’t believe it they still had Hello Kitty boxes, they went in shops when I left Paris last month. And well, I’m pretty much still forever in awe of Hello Kitty. So I was squealing on the inside seeing them. Also, the staff of Ladurée in London was so nice, not at all like their French colleagues (in France they always act so snobbish!)

Harrod’s Food Halls were all into the Queens diamond jubilee this year. All sorts of pastries covered with British flags and colours. It was so fun to walk through Harrods and go people watching. The rooms in Harrods were astounding though, swimwear-room only by appointment. So stylishly old-fashioned in a good way.

This however is a Cadbury Cream Egg which I happen to love. I got accquainted with these wonderful eggs a few years ago when I was visiting my sister in Dublin, and every time I see one I need one. (they don’t sell em around here, and that’s a good thing I think)

Also, today I’ve seen the Avengers. And seriously, if you haven’t seen it already: go watch it. It’s an hilarious movie. Even Captain America was bearable, or wait, he was even ‘cool’. And well… I really like Mark Ruffalo, Scarlett Johansson, Robert Downey Jr. and Jeremy Renner.

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