figuring it all out, or: a letter to myself

So, it’s been a year. Well, almost. A year of blogging on this little place on the wondrous blogosphere. I think it’s time for some serious talking about what I want to do, and where I want to go from here. To give you a heads up, just so you know, this is that post where I get all soul-searchy and weird. Where I remember what this is about and where I will resolve my upcoming ways of blogging.

I started using the internet as a creative outlet a long, long time ago. Before puberty started terrorizing my life. Since that day, I’ve always like that idea “a creative outlet”. First to improve my ‘design skillzz’ (yes I was such a person), later to blabber away about my wicked life. Every time on a new blog or host. Because I like change. Recently I just once in a while show a sign of life here and share all sorts of photos. This year (august 2nd) I will reach the age of twenty and I will no longer be an ‘official teenager’. So I guess it’s only natural for me to stand still and look back on my past 10 years and make a big sigh. Right…? I as a human being have been undergoing some changes in the last few years. Which is only natural since it’s puberty and high school and choosing a college. My quest to find out what I really like, and what I really want, and what actually really matters in life is going ok so far. It will take a lot of time before I will be done studying and actually get a place in this world. But I don’t mind, I like where I am standing right now.

I figured that as a blogger it’s even more natural to look back into my archives and reflect on everything I’ve done and question if what I’m doing is what I want to do. It took a while for me to realize it is. I like this. Sharing my life and photos with random (cool) people from all over the world. Even though, I think I will make some changes. I like things simple and orderly, even though I’m a messy person. (I’m working on that.) If I want to keep it personal and simple, I should keep it personal and simple. And I will. I guess. Both my blog and my life.

So maybe I’ll get more personal, or maybe I’ll be more distant. I know, I sound way too cheesy for my own good, but anyway, I want to have fun.

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