00:23am – The One Year Anniversary

It’s that time of year, june 21st! The longest day of the year, and also the first anniversary day of this little blog of mine. Shown above is the first photo of… me in this blog… ever. (So, hi everybody! This is me.) I’m not a photogenic person…Even though, yesterday I sort-of celebrated with my friend. She wore such a pretty mint-dress! We got our butts over to a recently discovered Japanese restaurant in Amsterdam. (Issa) And hell yes, we will definitely return to that place. Just look at my face, I look like a six year old discovering a new theme park. (yes I’m left, with that wicked smile and awkward pose, for those who don’t know how those kids look like).

Anyway, I’m glad. This is the first time I’ve been blogging a whole year, and I’m planning to stay here. I was planning to do something of a give-away… but I don’t really seem to know what to give away, hehe. I’m sorry. Anyway, I hope you’re with me for another year!

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