World Press Photo 2012

By Yasuyoshi Chiba

I recently visited the World Press Photo exhibition in Amsterdam located in the ‘Nieuw Kerk’. I’ve visited the exhibition in the last two years, but I was very impressed by the bunch of photos in this year’s exhibit so I would like to encourage you guys to go too. It’s covering all of the past year’s happenings. Ranging from the tsunami in Japan last March, to the shooting in Utøya. The demonstrations against Mubarak in Egypt, but also the melting polar ice due to climate changes. But you should especially go if you’re interested in photography and, of course, if they’re exhibiting near you.

Now I’m just sharing a few of the photos that I especially liked during my visit. But it’s way better to see the photos in big size… it’s very impressive, especially the tsunami-related photos gave me actual goosebumps.

By Ray McManus

By Li Yang

By Damir Sagolj

By Shaofeng Xu

If you’re interested, the stories that go with the pictures make the photos even better, because… well duh, they’re journalistic photos. Click the photo or photographer to go to the matching story. You can check out the places where it will be exhibited on the website of World Press Photo.