Moonrise Kingdom

Yesterday my brother and I went to the movies, seeing Moonrise Kingdom, and afterwards going to a fancy new Japanese restaurant in Groningen (Hana Sato) eating wonderful Shabu Shabu. It was just all very nice, especially the movie, which was epic.

Yes again, another blogger raving about Moonrise Kingdom. But the thing is: Yes, it’s actually worth your time as it is a masterpiece. I have always loved Wes Andersons movies, especially The Darjeeling Limited and Fantastic Mr. Fox. (If you haven’t seen those, please, go find some spare time and look it up in your local video rental shop or something. It’s worth it too.

I don’t need to say a lot about this movie. The colour palette is brilliant, the story is astonishing (both weird and beautiful). The beauty of Moonrise Kingdom is that everything fits. Everything is thought over very well, even the book-covers used in this film are made by different illustrators specially for this production. The music is tremendous, as are the acting skills of… everybody in this movie. Luuurrvved it!

I think you guys must go see it.

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