Ladurée magazine

Hello all you people and fellow hiatus friends. I’m back, but only for now since I’m leaving Sunday by train to conquer Europe. (aka. inter-railing, whoo!!) I’m here with an announcement, and a bit of a request. I’m not too sure when this wonderful magazine will enter the shops, Ladurée x Tokyo = me drooling and slightly turning insane. So if any of you come across a copy and think I might like it, please let me know and send me one. (just send me an email, we’ll figure things out). I might get a copy of my own when I visit Zurich and find the Ladurée situated there, but it’s just that I don’t want to miss this. Or of course, just get one of your own and tease me with saying you have one and luuuuuurrve it.

Either way, it’s awesome. I think it’s a great initiative. But I really do wonder what kind of articles they will cover. And if it’s actually a nice magazine, or just a lot of press-stuff. Then again, if you happen to get your hands on one of these, let me know. I’m dying to know, trust me… I am. (I mean, HAVE YOU SEEN THAT DARN COVER!?)

(Edit (23-09-2012): my friend in London saw the magazine on sale in the Harrods shop, so I guess they’re actually on sale right now. The price is around 7,50 euros, or 10 pounds)

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