Europe part I: Berlin

Berlin was the very first stop of our journey. And it has been a great stop too, we’ve seen an awful lot of things, and I’m glad that I need to go during spring in 2013 with uni so I can explore the city some more. I felt bad I hadn’t been in Berlin before, it was only a train-ride of 6 or 7 hours. The city radiated so much history, art and elegance while being very… modern. The cake above was the first cake of our trip, (followed by a lot more, hehe). But this was a great start, while sitting in a little corner on the food-floor of the KaDeWe department store.

The architecture in Berlin was really beautiful. Lots of it was being restored at Unter den Linden, but it was really like a stroll through the century seeing all kinds of palaces, universities and museums. The Brandenburger Tor was nice to see, as was the Holocaust monument everybody seems to have an opinion about (I thought it was astonishing, the feel between those big, dark blocks is a tiny bit suffocating when looking up. But the kids who like to jump over them make that atmosphere a little less…dark. But all in all, very impressive).

We have walked an awful lot in Berlin (we did too in other cities, mind you), that’s why I had monstrous blisters after the whole trip… but we got a great view on the architecture by walking through the different parts of the city. – I’m not complaining, those blisters are almost gone already, sort of!

We haven’t visited lots of museums during our trip in Berlin, only the Guggenheim got a visit (it was for free, cheapskate…me? nahh!). The exposition was of a project of Gabriel Orozco, a very impressive display of classification and arrangement. It was a mess, but it wasn’t. It maybe was a shame we didn’t visit more museums in Berlin, but I’m sure I will when I’m going next year.

The museum-shop had all kinds of funky items, as usual in Guggenheim’s, but I first got in touch with the miraculous ‘masking tape‘ which has released the inner scrapbookaholic in me – my mom and I have decided to make a cookbook (WITH MASKING-TAPE) for ourselves with the recipes we’ve collected for over the years, after trying them all out, yay!

Our little hotel was near Alexanderplatz, on the way to Prenzlauerberg. So of course we got out and about and explored that area of the city as well. Prenzlauerberg had a great atmosphere, lots of cute shops, nice-looking restaurants and cafés and really cute houses in different colours. At one of the shops was a booksale outside, of course I couldn’t resist and made my backpack a little heavier to carry around. Hehe.

Below is one of the ‘shoko-croissants’ I got as breakfast. Yes, I know… but it was really delicious (!!). We hardly ever had breakfast at the place we stayed because…that’s no fun. It’s always ‘american breakfast’-style with some soggy buns and yoghurts lying around… I prefer to get out and about and explore local bakeries and supermarkets.

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