Europe Part IV: Bratislava

Yay, a rainbow! – I feel like such a douche talking about my oh-so-fancy trip and how super-awesome my life may seem with all these photos of ‘faraway’ cities. I don’t think I will do as a travel journalist, if I ever aspired such job. – After this is the beautiful Venice, and I’ve decided it would be the last of photo series from my holiday for now. Onto different things!

Anyhow, Bratislava was a bit of a fallback for us, as was Graz (of which I unfortunately do not have any photos of because I wasn’t feeling touristy and my feet liked my bath and bed better at that time.) But Bratislava, oh Bratislava, was wonderful. Very warm, still, but a nice city centre which brought us back to a time before World War II. It somewhat felt like a setting for a James Bond movie (no wonder, there is actually a James Bond movie shot in Bratislava: The Living Daylights).

Goulash, yes at last! But with actual nice and tasty dumplings! We have done a lot of sightseeing in one day in this city, the “Church of St. Elisabeth“, a.k.a. the Blue Church, was one of the most…interesting sights in this city. (I hadn’t done my research before going to this city, so I didn’t know that this church was actually blue all over (inside and out!) which was quite particular but nice to see, unfortunately it wasn’t open for visitors but we could peek through the gate, haha.

Either way, I found Bratislava a very particular city in many ways. Interesting for sure, but a zoo named “Dino Park” and a…what is it called, (the thing in the left picture above from where you can watch out over the city), was named the “UFO Platform”. It almost felt a bit like a Sims town where your sims are abducted by aliens simply by watching through a telescope at night…know what I mean?

Ah, I quit bitching, this city was really nice to visit.

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