‘tis the season

Ahhh, Christmas is still far away (yes, I’m counting down already), but autumn is getting awfully close. I love the golden lights of autumn sun, the change in colour of nature and everybody getting a cold. Hurrah, I made a semi-melancholic and semi-just-chill-the-fuck-out playlist for myself and decided to share it with you. – you can find it on 8tracks.

I’ve been getting a bit out of touch with reality the past days or week. Which led to me finally realizing the source of my agonizing headaches I’ve been getting for years now. – Turns out it’s stress-related, meaning I’m giving myself headaches. Well, not literally. But I get too consumed by things easily, and then my head is on fire. Also not literally. Anyway, today I finally felt like I’m living again, which feels quite ok.

Onto merrier things, I got my first driving lesson today. And to be honest, it went quite a bit more smooth than expected. So waheey, maybe I’ll actually might say one day something along the lines of “driving a car is fun”, but until then…

Aaaaand I’m seeing Benjamin Francis Leftwich coming Thursday on a gig in Utrecht! Fun fun fun!

*I’m thinking of finally changing my url back to 0023am.blogspot.com – what do you think?

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