Les Incroyables

Hello! During my absence, it’s been over a week (oh no!), autumn has crept on us and lots of things have been happening. The leaves are turning into a fine golden-brown these days, it’s quite wonderful.

Last week I was visiting my friend in The Hague for dinner. She had just come back from Paris and brought back a box of macarons for me, including the marshmallow-filled ‘incroyables’. Yaaay! She’s not just an awesome person, she’s an extra-awesome person. I got my belated birthday present from her, the ‘Revueflex SD1’. (double yaaaay!) To me it is a ridiculous obscure brand, does any of you actually know it? It’s maddening how long it takes for me to fill a roll of film, and the idea of having to wait for developing them…sigh. But I still totally love it, analogue photography rules. Hm, is that a very hipster thing of me to say?

Currently I’m trying to focus on studying, midterm exams are coming up, meh. But this weekend it’s my sisters birthday, which means: pie and marzipan! (another yay!)

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