The Wonderful & Fun

Sometimes I get a little wrapped up about blogging and sharing my photos that I get a weird sort of view on my own ‘stuff’. I was just procrastinating studying a bit when I got around looking at all kinds of pictures of this year. And a lot of them never got up here… and well, because it’s almost December (you know… November just started so it can’t be more then 30 days away) and I always get a bit sentimental and nostalgic looking back on those wonderful days I will start my ‘sharing and looking back on this past year’ sessions a little early this year.

Also, the pictures on my new/old camera didn’t work out. So I got myself a Holga 135. Don’t ask me why that is a legitimate excuse to buy a new camera, I just did.

The photos in this post are featuring my visit to a friend in Delft in June (1st photo), the numerous times I wanted to make sushi…and so my dad and I made it and the cat was (clearly) very hungry (2nd photo) (I don’t get that sentence either). Flowers in spring (3rd, duh) and my trip this summer through Europe, featuring Prague (4th).

By the way, I hope all is well with you guys. I survived a week of assesments, and now there is only one week left full of exams and joy. Until soon!

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