Skyfall (2012)

This, my dear fellow bloggers and readers of the blogosphere, is a must-watch movie for pretty much everyone. I have always been kind of a Bond-fan, but that’s because of my family. My father quizzing my siblings and me when we were 10 years old about who sang which theme song of which 007 film, and what the name was of the person that played the part of the villain in that particular film. I will promise you, you will probably enjoy this movie too, even if you are or aren’t a die hard Bond-watcher.

This time, Bond gets ‘old’ and ‘modern’ and ‘nostalgic’ and… well, stays brilliant as ever. All kind of new faces for this new part of the franchise. And every single scene was quite aesthetically pleasing to me. – I don’t want to spoil anything for you guys, so I’m not telling much, but the new Q (played by Ben Wishaw) meeting Bond in the National Gallery for a new and fancy gadget to uncover the truth and kill the bad guys. You know, the usual James Bond-ing. The cinematography and places they’ve used for this film are bloody brilliant, and beautifully captured. So if you’re not a big fan of action movies, I reckon you might like the sheer beauty of the whole thing.

Oh, and can I just make one more note. Javier Bardam plays his part wonderfully. Killing everyone off, laughing maniacally and just being a bad ass villain with his blonde dyed hair… he just looks so wicked.

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