I can’t express my happiness. One of the amazing finds of this year! Since my grandpa passed away last spring, the family still haven’t been able to fully organize all the things my grandpa had. His paintings are all neatly stored away, and so is the good furniture (I got a cute old secretary desk, score!). But today my parent’s found this brilliant turntable box that has been catching dust for years now. AND IT WORKS! (!!!)

So I grabbed the singles and LPs I’ve always had (but never listened, boo!) and we’ve had Paul McCartney and the Frog Orchestra, The Beatles’ Revolver (have I ever discussed the brilliant album art on that one?), Frank Sinatra and now I’m ‘chilling’ with Astrud Gilberto. To be really honest with you, I’ve been flabbergasted today. My parents had to explain me how to listen to music. I’m almost ashamed. But seriously… turntables are magic.

This is also probably one of my last ‘woods’ pictures of the year. Every tree is now almost empty, so the autumnal magic has left. Onto different things, like Christmas, it is then!

This late afternoon we will continue listening nostalgic tunes with crackly sounds, while making the house ready for Christmas with a tree and all. Breaking the record with earliness of putting lights on the tree, but the next time we can possible do it together is December 15th… and well, who am I kidding. I just really can’t wait for the magical sparkly lights. And the coming 5 weeks will be torture since the project at uni is killing my every spark of happiness in daily life. Well, you know…almost.

So… when are you guys planning to put the lights on the tree? – Ah before I forget, I’m on instagram! @0023am!

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