A Holly Jolly Christmasweekend

Finally, some real Christmas spirit on this little blog of mine. While I was in London I have mainly been shopping, eating and watching things. When I say things, I mean people (especially seeing them iceskating was fun, or watching them while visiting the V&A) and I mean Christmas decorations. Think houses, trees, ornaments… everything.

It was great to get into that merry and bright atmosphere. Aaaaand, this week it has been snowing in Amsterdam! How lucky can I get? It won’t hold on to next week, but I really am dreaming of a white Christmas now.

Harrods really had the best (and worst) Christmas decorations. Some of them were so awful and kitsch. But so great to look at anyway. And the whole atmosphere at Harrods was great too, as always: loads of foods, stationary and Christmas decorations. Ah, and the Laduree for my macaron craving. It would be heaven (and hell for my bankaccount) if Laduree opened a shop in Holland.

Also, I think the advertising in the London underground is brilliant. It’s all music, film, theatre and… the occasional wellness of medicine stuff. Wayyyyy better then the dull posters they have put up in Amsterdam. – But happy stuff: the Christmas market at Hyde Park! They had mulled wine, nutcrackers and lots of stuff you don’t need. It was marvellous.

They had a very Rock ’n Roll Christmas at Carnaby street. And the view from the window from the attic-like room we had at our supercheap hotel was quite nice. We could see lots of rooftops and see a lovely sunrise.

And below: Sherlock at Bakerstreet, teatime at Harrods and macarons in Hyde Park (yes, were I had a the lovely encounter with the lively squirrels. All was brilliant. And I would love to go back. Maybe I should make this a sort of tradition, you know, visiting places at the beginning of December. Maybe I should go to Paris next year. Or Stockholm or Moscow if I’ve got any money. Well I can dream right?

Yesterday evening I’ve seen Anna Karenina in the theatres and it was stunning. But more on that later. Have a lovely weekend!

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