May the 4th be with you

The magic word is tulips. In my parent’s garden there are a all sorts of plants and trees. And all of them bloom in at different times, it’s wonderful to see real colour every once in a while. Summer is getting so close (it’s May already!! Can you believe it?), it’s only two weeks left interning at the museum. I can’t help but be in a better mood, even though things aren’t being ideal at the moment.

Today is the fourth of May, the national Rememberance Day in the Netherlands of the victims in World War II. Nothing much happens though, there are a few different public places in the country were this is remembered. But everyone, or many Dutch citizens, do have two minutes of silence at 8 o’clock tonight. I think it’s wonderful that traditions like these are kept alive. Mostly because we don’t only remember victims of WWII these days, we also remember victims of other wars since WWII. Do any of you have days like this is in your country?

And I wonder, what is your opinion on these, actually quite old (even though old is a relative term), traditions and national days? Cultures and values are changing in this ever changing world, but does that mean that those national should change as well?

*also, I’m not a massive Star Wars fan, I apologize if you thought a lot of Stormtroopers were coming for you.

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