The Best of the Internet #2: Neat Stuffs

So, every once in a while you stumble on something great on the internet you just can’t keep to yourself. This time I will share some talented people and artsty stuffs I found on the internet. Ooh, and I like dots and colours.

Kitty Katarina. Above picture is from one of my new favourite bloggers: Kitty Katarina. I think her blog is wonderful, it’s clean, subtle and fresh. She shows a lot of aesthetically pleasing things. But sadly she doesn’t blog very often these days. Do check her blog out though, it’s quite unique.

Peter Funch. The picture might just remind you of the Sony Bravia commercial from a few years ago where hundreds of bouncy balls were going of the hills of San Francisco. And did you know this was actually real?! You might not know this photographer yet, but from today on I hope you won’t forget. He captured the event, as well as a lot of different ones (you should check out this, this and this too).

12 Countries. 1 Bag. The secrets to travelling light explained. Really neat article on how to best pack your suitcase for well… maybe a 51-day trip, or just a weekend. It does include wearing the same clothes over and over, but you ought to give her some credit. I myself am a light traveller, but I don’t think I would be able to actually pull a 51-day trip off with only one bag.

Coffeeklatch. If you don’t know this one already, you want to see it. This website is full of interviews with creative folks in Belgium, called ‘creative chitchat’ by two people named Bart Kiggen (photography) and Magali Elali (words). They talk with fashion designers, gallerists, architects and all kind of creative people. You should go check it out yourself, you’ll find yourself inspired for sure!

Great F’ing Advice. Tiny Buddha is a website, like a lot out there on the interwebs that give you articles on how to live well and be happy and so on, and so on. But every once in a while, something pops up on that website when you were just browsing that makes you stop and rethink a little. Like this, or this.

Fantasia. “What would happen if you give a yo-yo to a flock of flamingos?” I am, and always been, a fan of Disney’s Fantasia. And it’s only recently that I discovered you can see lots of Fantasia’s works on Youtube. Just look at this.

Meow. It’s just very cute and very handy. This is a thing that just really needs to be in my cupboard, and soon. I own several cookbooks that work only with CUPS. No worries though, I have moved on from my frustration with my failed cakes, this is the big solution.

The Conversation. The Conversation is a web-based programme where Amanda de Cadenet talks openly to famous women on ‘real’ topics concerning self-confidence, jobs, education, sex, body image etc. I put on a link to the Conversation with Busy Phillips on body image. I think it’s important for women to know these real things about the people they might be idolizing. It really makes celebrities more human…just check it out here.

London Tube Map. This is actually one for Pinterest. But if you have the time, check out this article on alternative tube maps. I like the ‘Tate Gallery by Tube; David Booth, 1987’ one the most.

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