Eating Out / In

A few weeks ago my brother and his girlfriend invited us to have some dinner at their fancy new place. They like cooking, and well, I really like eating their food, no joke. They are slowly turning me into a vegetarian every time I eat there, and I love it.

Irene, my brother girlfriend, has the cutest Pip tableware. It’s a sort of hype among my friends I think… everyone owns it, but in a different colour or pattern. Food-wise we got a blue stilton broccoli soup, from a recipe of I think it was Nigella (but I can be wrong). And a great, great salad with potatoes (really nice ones, their name I forgot), salmon and some kind of horseradish sauce (reason #3 why I shouldn’t make a food blog). To be honest, I’m still ushering Irene to pick up a food blog, because really… who wouldn’t want this?

This little masterpiece was for my dad’s birthday. The weird size we blame on the wrong cake pans, but the taste was om-nom-nom. I will certainly keep you guys posted on if (and then when) Irene will start a blog!

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