00:23 AM – Year Two

Alrighty guys! Another year of blogging has passed last week, and what’s better then a celebration with cake?
I went with my fellow-foodaholic-friend Laurinde (from last year too, teehee) to the 9 streets in Amsterdam just to eat. – A screen-filling picture of cake is a must, ehr… duh!

I think this blog has changed over the year, I’m not quite sure what happened, but it feels ok. As for myself, I have changed a lot as did my life. Which I am sure is a good thing, but things did get a lot more hectic. It made me realize, making this point that I’m going to figure out what I think is really important in life. I will get back to you about that next year, har har.

Foodporn much? We had lunch at Nielsen (website), which is our latest find. They seem to be popular because of their clubsandwiches but because we both were almost not hungry anymore because we were so hungry we just took one of their specialty dishes, Lau took something chickeny-avocado-bacon and I took the B.L.T. best choice of my life. If I were to make an Amsterdam guide, this place would be in it. Great atmosphere, friendly staff, affordable prices, just all good.

And then, Pompadour (website). We went here a few weeks ago after we checked out the new Rijksmuseum that recently opened. Just out of nowhere we walked past a pile of beautifully shaped meringues, and man… so good. It’s not cheap (rather expensive really) but this is the best cake place in Amsterdam in my opinion. Not just because the cake is really (!!!) good, their tearoom is decorated with original wood panelling and upholstered walls, a bit 19th century-like. Really cool. Even though it’s fancy, you get a homely vibe because the staff is super friendly.

We stumbled across the book market at Spui, so many lovely second hand books and great pictures to hang on your wall. SPEAKING OF WHICH, I’m moving this weekend! After having lived 2 years on the same place, I found a great place for myself and only myself. No more dirty dishes or gross toilet because of flatmates.

And these are the most random photos I made. Kitties and bowties in the same picture just seemed good to me. And that card… well… I should’ve bought it right?

Thank you everybody for staying with me. I really appreciate it a lot (like a lot, a lot), I never thought my life would interest a hundred people (I have a hundred followers now, thank you guys!!).

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