The Best of the Internet #3

So, every once in a while you stumble on something great on the internet you just can’t keep to yourself. These are my finds of June. Lots of motivational speeches, as well as really lovely blogs and DIY.

Picture from back in May, makes me remind of how I think it sad how soon flowers die. And that I should find out the name of this particular yellow one. I like flowers a lot actually, I’m always bummed to find out how expensive they are to put in a vase at home.

Owaritohazimari. I have been following this tumblr for ages now actually, she is to be found here too. Some of it isn’t really my forte, I’m not too much into skulls. But lots of it is damn amazing, that’s probably why everything that I’d like to buy is instantly sold out. It all belongs to a Japanese girl living in Osaka, a year younger than I am who is interested in making creepy lovely things.

The Cat You and Us. A very lovely and sweet blog of a cute couple living in Spain with their cat. And yes, it is actually a couple blogging and not just one person (or, that’s what it looks like haha!) They post the bestest pictures that make you feel happy, including mom, Japan and Barcelona (which totally stole my heart).

Don’t die without living first. A very interesting piece on why we have to value our time and make the most of it. To be aware of how precious a gift it is to have time. I love to share it with you guys because I find it important to make people aware of how precious a person’s life is.

Herschel Supply Company. All I can say is: I want. Herschel has wonderful and sturdy designs, you have probably seen them already because they tent to be ‘hawt‘ in the hipster-scene. I was doubting wether to buy it already, but I need a fridge in my new apartment first, ha!

Robert Frost. I’m not much of a poem-person, but I love this. I read a few lines of it years ago and refound it last month. I definitely love the last verse (is it called a verse?).

Shibori DIY. I have always loved seeing people do DIY, and oftentimes I actually want to do it too. But after browsing through this (which was already published in 2010 !!!) I really thought I should do some DIY-ing this summer, and definitely some of the Shibori. I love the patterns and colors of some of these and I just want to challenge myself getting more creative with this off the internet. You with me?

This 8tracks playlist. Some of my favorite 8trackers made close-to-perfection June playlist and I have been listening it to the max as 8tracks allows me to hear it within 8 hours. (there is actually a limit, did you know!?) If you want to hear happy, summerlike songs that cheer up your mood, go there.

Spoon & Tamago. I can’t believe I have never shared this website before. It a perfect combination in my eyes: Japanese design from fine art and architecture to product and graphic design from the eyes of a person who grew up in the US and Japan. This particular link links to a great product, but you should definitely browse through the website.

How I became a ninja. A seemingly strange, but downright cool piece on following your dreams and doing what you actually really want in life. Instead of doing what you should do according to society or things you put inside your head. About how it’s never too late to choose for your own happiness.

Big Fat Quiz of the Noughties Came out last year, and I love it. Jimmy Carr is a great host and I love his laugh. Also on: Richard Ayoade and Noel Fielding. It takes about an hour to watch, but it is so worth it. You’ll laugh your butt off if you haven’t watched it yet. And if you have, you probably will too.

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