Hello folks, I’m back from the living dead.

Let me give you a bit of a life update. I have no plans for holidays this summer, London is on the agenda for fall… (yay for me choosing a brilliant programme at uni, whoo) So all I do with my time is work at my summerjob and well... eat and sleep. It’s kind of a crazy thing, to be off uni for 2 months and do nothing but intense phycial work and laze around. Because really… eating and sleeping = lazing around to me. Especially during summer.

Now, my next plans are celebrating my 21st Birthday (haven’t made my mind up, but I think it’ll involve lots of pie and wine and marshmallows). Any suggestions?

There is this voice in my head that keeps telling me to go to Antwerp before uni starts in September (and check out the Ladurée store that opened there this year). I think I should listen to that voice.

Nice story, eh? Have a great week.

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