The Best of the Internet #4

Well, since I’m one of the stupidest persons ever (all because I left the battery charger + spare battery of my now-battery-drained-DSLR in Amsterdam and I currently am at my parents’, with no plans of returning to Amsterdam anytime in the coming 2 weeks) I only have one photo to share right now of one of my new favourite restaurants in Amsterdam: Yokiyo. A real review coming soon. [Update: it’s here!]

Now onto my favourites on the internet of last month!

It’s an old one, but Harry Potter fan related stuff on Youtube still is kind of funny. Especially when fan doesn’t really speak any English when meeting Dan. “Is touch OK?”, said by Harry Potters biggest fan.

Kanye Wes is a tumblr blog where Kanye West and Wes Anderson meet. Well, not literally. It’s Wes Anderson movie fan-art with a twist of Kanye West style. In my opinion really damn neat. I loved this one.

This is a bit of cheating, but I saw these through Jane’s blog ‘Always With Yoo’. Huffington Post shared pictures that Photographer dad Toyunazu Nagano made of his 4-year-old daughter while kissing objects. Of course I needed to Google his name an stumble across his brilliant Flickr photo stream. Not convinced? See these: 1, 2, 3 or 4.

Information is Beautiful is an old favourite of mine that I haven’t checked out in over a very long time. But now it’s summer holidays and I scour the internet for things to sharpen the mind (I don’t really know if I believe myself saying this, when this is in my internet history, which you should see too). But anyway, Information is Beautiful has brilliant infographics on daily life stuff like Wikipedia’s Lamest Edit Wars, or When Sea Levels Attack.

While on the topic of sharpening our minds, why not try out making your own galaxy? Or even better, make your own Jackson Pollock painting, hehe. Ooh, and this is a nice story of a badass lady who didn’t want to sell her tiny home for a million bucks.

Maybe I’m the last one knowing about this, but either way, Wimdu is a brilliant service to find a nice, affordable place when staying abroad for those who don’t really want to go for a hotel. It has services all over the world, it’s even in Dutch. I already checked for a place to stay in Hawaii, South Korea and Moscow, for when… you know… I get to be a millionaire and travel the world.

I figured sharing a song would be nice too, Bob Dylan’s Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Right is on my list of favourites again. Any Bob Dylan lovers around??