Machinarium: well worth your tenner

It’s been a while, maybe even the first time that I talk about a game on here. Machinarium is quite famous already, because it’s known as the best and most beautiful point-and-click game in years. All of you who already know the game have probably read the reviews. Pretty much everyone was raving about it… and now so am I, because I always do things 3 years later than a normal person does. Standard.

I am going to spare you the details, about everything I found wonderful in this game. But just the fact that Machinarium is in my opinion a bit of a mix between Tim Burton’s Robot Boy, Hayao Myazaki’s Laputa and something else dark but wonderful. So, yes! Another review up on this blog.

The game’s plot is… well… you’re a little Robot called Josef (apparently named after Josef Čapek, the creator of the word “robot”) and you’re trying to find your way through a city. I’m not saying too much, and I’d say you shouldn’t read about it either because that’s part of the experience. I can say though, after I found out I only had a few levels left to play I was so bummed that I procrastinated solving the puzzles a bit in hope I could find more to do… but as it is with point-and-click adventures, you’ve got to follow the path to a glorious victory eventually.

The goal you’ve got in Machinarium is to solve certain puzzles and brain teasers, every level/room has one (or more). You point-and-click your way through the game, only objects within the player character’s reach can be clicked on, so you need to think.

What I find wonderful is the ambient OST and no dialogue whatsoever. Machinarium uses well thought off animated thought bubbles that need to help guide you through the game. If something gets too hard for your poor soul, you can use a hint or play a little game to gain the level-guide on how to solve the mystery.

Wonderful, wonderful music in game performed by Robot musicians. Naturally.

The price of the game nowadays is just 10 bucks, which I find so unreasonably reasonable for a beautiful game like this. I love it and I’m considering to check out Botanicula too. My brother already did, and man it’s so good too.

You can try out the trial over here, and you can see for yourself. In this you can play a couple of levels for free. Be careful though, you’ll want more.

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