Ode to Autumn

Every time Autumn is around the corner, it instantly becomes my favourite time of year (forgetting that I always said spring is my favourite). It’s that time of year when the air becomes foggy late at night, and when in the morning you can see the sunbeams through the trees.

It’s also that time when all the leaves are turning brown, and the skies get a bit more grey… oh and not to forget: Christmas is around the corner too (although it’s really early, even for me, to start talking Christmas already at the beginning of September). — Also, I’m cheating just a tiny bit, this picture is one I took last year round October 20, when I posted this gorgeous-coloured oneoh well!

This is a mix full of happy, nostalgic feelings and songs. It’s best to listen together with rain. I hope you enjoy.

Spoiler, playlist consists of:
Sufjan Stevens – Wordsworth Ridge, Banda Neira – Rindu,
World’s End Girlfriend – 交差する, Daughter – Youth,
Stars – Today Will Be Better, I Swear!, Meiko – How Lucky We Are,
Bob Dylan – Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Right, Sufjan Stevens – Rake,
Lisa Mitchell – Alice, Tomáš Dvořák – The End (Prague Radio)

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