Oh lately it’s so Quiet

You know that song, by Ok Go? It’s really nice, but that wasn’t my point. I forgot how time consuming and nerve wrecking uni can be. But how could I forget, I hear you think. Well maybe because I’ve just got a messed up memory and I forget things. Or maybe I am actually getting lazier (or more active?) every year. Who knows. Here are some pictures of life recently. I hope you enjoy it better then me rambling about my life like I’m a person with a lifestyle that’s worth talking about (I’d like to refer to my previous post where I made my point clear that I have no great lifestyle whatsoever).

I’m extremely into interior design these days. Since actively immersing myself in exhibition design at uni last year I’ve been taking pictures of certain aspects of the interior I found interesting at places I’m visiting. These were both taken at shops, one actually Urban Outfitters (no surprise there, really, they always do creative things with the interior of their shops). I love the incorporation of lights within an interior that’s not too obvious.

So enough of me being a nerd about ‘aesthetically pleasing stuff’, and onto more autumn-fangirling. To be honest, I wish I had more time to go out and explore. And at days I actually have time, I’m getting all pathetic hiding with my books in bed so I am ‘more prepared’ for uni, and that I don’t really have to face the outside world. This sounds way worse than how I actually mean it, I promise. But sleeping in, being able to study relatively relaxed (and ok, who am I kidding, watch youtube videos*) is so good after a few days of intense work and being social to people. Socializing is fun, but it sure is hard too people, especially when it’s people from class you don’t really connect with and you need to ‘keep acting normal’. Do you know that feeling?

Oh well, I quit rambling. It’s good to be back in the blogoshpere. Be kind everyone, and stay safe!

*Please watch both youtube videos, they’re genius.

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