A Weekend in the Country

Last weekend was kind of bliss. I haven’t visited my parents since the end of summerholidays so it was pretty nice to see them and my brother and sister again this weekend. I’ve found out that I am quite attached to the internet, since there was no wifi available in my parents new temporary home. To be honest, that actually made our weekend better, missing out on this crazy, crazy world we live in…

Tomorrow it’s Octbober and I’m very much looking forward to it. The end of the first half of my semester is getting closer, as is my studytrip to London (two weeks left!). I constantly feel like I’m nagging about life, but despite everything I am quite happy. Today I horribly failed my driving-test, and to just to make myself better I just ordered a new lens I’ve been eyeing for over a year now. By all means, I don’t have a lot to spend but since I’ve worked all summer I thought I could do it… finally.

Fall always makes me want to be thankful of things despite the bad things that happen. Bad things that I don’t discuss on this blog though, all of you should know the “you never know who might be reading”-feeling creeping on you. – Anyway, since my parents don’t have a donabe or other sukiyaki pan we had an improvised version since all of us were yearning for some sukiyaki this past weekend. Looks good though, right? We also walked the woods and got hot chocolate and coffee afterwards.

I may be the worst driver of my family, but I’m happy that I’m able to work on my ever expanding goals. Also, I’ve been figuring out what kind of minor and internship I’d like to do. Figuring these things out, ‘real life’ starts to come really close. Seriously thinking about what I’d like to do when I’m fully done studying scares the shit out of me with the economy here in Holland (and probably in other countries as well, or maybe worse).

Happy thoughts though, happy thoughts. I hope all you guys have a great week! Until soon!