On y va: Londres! – Part III

And there we are, the last bits and bobs of my London trip. Midterms are all done and my papers are handed in! On y va!

Day 4 of the trip consisted of visiting Greenwich during the day, and going to a very peculiar place at night. I’ve got no photos of that but I’ll try to fully explain.

We took a boat, from near the Parliament to Greenwich’s Cutty Sark. An interesting trip along the Thames. After arriving in Greenwich we got a little spare time to fix ourselves some lunch and take a quick look around before going up. The Greenwich Market had some great food stalls where I got my ‘tempura bento’. For some it might look a bit crappy but daaaaaamn, stuff was good!!

At dinner we got around to go to Jamie’s Italian. The burger in my first London post was from here. I couldn’t help myself to go for some signature pasta and a bit of greens on the side with homemade lemonade. SO GOOD.

The place we visited at night was the Dennis Severs’ House. A very peculiar on 18 Folgate St. Peculiar though, because I can’t find a better word to describe it. The place gave me the chills in a good way. Let’s not beat around the bush: Dennis Severs’ House is a place where in the 20th century this guy called Dennis Severs came from America to live in the Britain he loved from the British novels he read: the 18th and 19th century Britain. He stripped the house from electricity and everything modern and well… I’m not telling you all he then did because there’s Wikipedia for those interested (and I’m lazy like that). But I will tell you that when you visit, you enter this house were people from these past centuries ‘just left’. You actually get to go two centuries back in time and you feel like you just missed the people who live there. There’s really no electricity or central heating, it’s all candles and fireplaces. There’s food, fresh flowers and urine in the little pot beside the bed. You smell and see everything (maybe more than you want). I’d say you feel like an intruder, that’s how I felt.

Day 5 was reserved for visiting the Horniman Museum and Gardens and going back home around 1pm. You should know, I will never ever take the bus to London again from Amsterdam, or the other way around.

I guess you can see I was a bit tired on the last day. This concludes my London trip for now… I have loads of pictures left still, but I don’t feel like going on about this trip. Have a good Sunday!
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