2013 in songs

The year’s almost over. You guys know by now I love the idea of making music mixes, and actually making them too. They’re not all as good to other people as they are to myself… but I guess I’ve been making ‘mixtapes’ for myself instead of a little audience. There is something so romantic and nostalgic about ‘mixtapes’, a little compilation of thoughts and certain periods of one’s life. I tried to compile a bit of a list with a certain song for every month in 2013.
Now this was quite a hard job, so instead here is just a compilation of the songs that ‘got me through’ 2013; songs that made me happy on sad days; songs that made me even happier on happy days; songs that made me appreciate life more… even songs that made me help accept myself a little more. Goodness, these end-of-another-year crises make me all soul-searchy and weird. But then again, you should know me a little bit by now: I’m far too nostalgic for my own good.

12 songs for 12 months, and a little ‘bonus track’.

#01: Hurts – Blind
#02: Temples – Shelter Song
#03: Phoenix – Entertainment
#04: Vampire Weekend – Step
#05: Coconut Records – West Coast
#06: Mikhael Paskalev – What’s Life Without Losers
#07: Alt-J – Something Good
#08: Daughter – Youth
#09: Jake Bugg – Taste It
#10: Urban Cone – New York
#11: The Stone Roses – Tears
#12: Hurts – Wonderful Life
Bonus: World’s End Girlfriend – The Colours of Adventure

As cheesy as this may sound, this mix of songs means quite a lot to me. They may be quite an eclectic mixture of songs, these do seem to signify my 2013 and it wouldn’t have been the same without them. Especially ‘Hurts’ has done a great deal of good this year. I hope you guys enjoy.

Until next year guys. Hope you have a great new years eve, be good, stay safe and cheers! ;-)

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