2014, resolutions and things.

And here we are, 2014: a brand new, magical year with at least 365 more opportunities to seize. Last year I compiled a little list of rules for 2013, while the year had tested me thoroughly and made me stronger in a lot of ways I wanted to compile a good ol’ list of resolutions for the new year. No matter how bad I seem to be at keeping resolutions. They will be a little continuation of the rules.
Also I want to add a tiny little rule to this list: be more positive. Inside my head things can get pretty doom and gloom, but I want to keep myself more positive. Here’s where my blog comes in, I want to use this little place to put all things happy and inspiring in one place. A place for me to look back to certain moments in time and deal with myself. In a completely positive and non-judgemental way. I’m done judging myself harshly, those things belong to the past. New mantra: work hard, play hard. I may be a bit too optimistic, but whatever. 2014, let’s do this!

#01: improve writing skills. Now this is seems like a boring one, but it’s a bit of a tough one for me since I’m not much of a writer. My sister always need to check any ‘official’ documents like final papers, motivation letters for job interviews, etcetera, before I send anything out. My Dutch writing skills are rubbish, just because I tend to write just like the way I talk. My English writing skills are slightly better since I’m not native so I actually think about what I like to convey to my reader. Either way, I like to share things and go on with blogging and I think this is important. So yes, better myself by improving my writing skills.

#02: watch all Wes Anderson films. His films have been surprising me ever since I first watched my first film of his: The Darjeeling Limited. I was stunned and in love. But it wasn’t until I watched Fantastic Mr. Fox until I realised this man was a genius and made more masterpieces. By the end of this year this has changed! A fun little resolution, en’it?

#03: visit more museums and exhibitions. I’m doing a degree in cultural heritage, heck I’m even done next year! Museums are a big part of my studies and I’ve learned to form my opinion about a lot of the things going on in museum-world but I like to see more. And maybe share more of it with the interwebs. And not just for research but for self-development and relaxation too.

#04: use my cookbooks more. Self explanatory.

#05: be better at staying in touch with friends. I’ve never been good at keeping in touch with people. And while I don’t really care so much to keep in touch with just ‘people’, I think it’s superduper important to keep in touch with the near and dear to one’s heart. While I’m still a bit in denial that I’m a ‘twenty something’ (oh just the word!), friends and family are getting their life together themselves too. Facebook and WhatsApp are all very fine, but at the end of the day, I have to put in the effort. I hope to be better at keeping in touch with people I care about.

#06: deal with stress instead of going on autopilot. This is the real challenge for the year. This was even a challenge to write. I don’t quite know how to deal with stress, or… I think I do but I won’t give myself the time to actually deal with it. I usually go on, take some meds or whatever to combat any headaches, but I’ve come to the conclusion this isn’t the way I like things to be.
#07: (re)watch all Studio Ghibli / Miyazaki / Takahata movies. Self explantory.

#08: find a good internship/placement. Coming September will be the start of the last year of my studies. That’s when I need to have fixed myself a placement at a culture-related company/institution. A place where I can learn and grow and put my professional skills into work and contribute to something amazing. That’s what I like to achieve. To make it just a bit more of a challenge, I really would love to go abroad… be it the UK, Belgium, or somewhere more far like the US or Hong Kong. It’s good to challenge yourself sometime right?
#09: read more. Books, papers, magazines… I’ve come to the conclusion that just finishing three books in one year is a bit sad. So yes, I’ll compile a bit of a reading list for the year, any recommendations are more than welcome!

#10: do things out of my comfort zone, without compromising my integrity. I’m constantly people watching and imagining what their lives are like. I’m inside my own head way too often, but at the same time I’m at the point in my life where I get to really experience life and enjoy the moments of self discovery. At the end of the day, I want to look back at my accomplishments and feel proud of myself.
I think a good conclusion of all the above can be ‘live more positively in the present’. And make more fond memories!
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