Best of the internet #8

It’s a shame Pivot TV doesn’t exist in the Netherlands, I would totally get my TV working if Joseph Gordon-Levitt new show would be on it. But thank goodness for the internet! Also, while we’re on the topic of tv: have you been watching Sherlock lately? What do you think of season three so far?
This time I got just a tiny little list of favourites, because… well Christmastime just isn’t a time to be online. Aaaanyway, have a good week!!

One of my favourite bands while I was an annoying teenager was Maxïmo Park, and on the 3rd on February they’re back with a new album! And I’m so excited after hearing Brain Cells. It feels a bit Depeche Mode-like, but still with their own sound. It’s a free download on their website.
Invisible Cow is something I saw one another blog a little while ago. If you didn’t know it already, you should just try it.
The Mindy Project has been my new show since the start of Holiday break. I’m still not through season one, so this promo is some kind of spoiler but, well, it is a promo and those don’t really spoil things… right? – It’s a fun watch with lots of pretty people. Mindy Kaling is brilliant.
I said in my ‘resolutions’ that I wanted to use my cookbooks more, but I think just simply experimenting more with different recipes will work too. Maangchi is my favourite Korean chef on youtube/the interwebs, I tried her bibimbap a little time ago at my brother’s and it was scrumptious!
It was only last month that I realised Jamie Oliver had gotten his ass on Youtube too, it was because of the ‘my drunk kitchen’ collab (see here and here!). But I also find out his Italian pal Gennaro is on youtube too! In that particular video he shows how to make a perfectly easy, but fingerlicking-tasty pasta in the kitchen of a Jamies’s Italian restaurant kitchen (or so it seems).
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