Best of the Internet #09

Breakfast is beginning to be the best time of day for me. With the start of my new semester I got into an external minor, or elective course (I’m not too sure how it’s universally called). I still study in Amsterdam but now, only for a few months, at a business school. I’ve temporarily said my goodbyes to the hipsters and artsty-fartsy people in my faculty and traded them for girls in Uggs and guys with smooth hair. It’s been quite a change I must say, but change is good.

Now where was I? Breakfast! Yes, this semester my earliest lectures start around 11am. So I will never have to get out of bed before 8am on weekdays! What a dream! No more stuffing food inside my mouth and hurrying for public transport, but an actual sit-down breakfast with yoghurt and fruits and tea and an episode or two of Adventure Time. I do wonder, what’s your favourite meal or time of day in general?

It’s been a while but I’ve compiled a little list of links again, they’re after the jump. Have a lovely weekend!

This is one of my latest finds that I’m really raving about every time I see it. The folks over at Ignant compiled a little list of some of the artwork of Paco Pomet. Though I find his own website to be a treasure chest of all kind of marvellous things, the list is quite neat to get ‘acquainted’ with the artist. I forgot to mention he makes surreal paintings. Trust me, it’s really good.

You all might be familiar with Jane (and Piri!) from Always With Yoo. She recently started this really cool series ‘from where I stand‘. She invites her readers to send in a ‘from-where-I-stand’ picture and write a little something that goes with it. It’s so cool and personal and I always like checking out other peoples footwear since I think they say a lot about a person.

20-something people, do not make a fuss. Don’t stress. It’ll be alright. Even though we sometime feel, especially in this economic climate, that we need to do so much more than what we are already doing. But take a deep breath, and just read this article from the Thought Catalog for a bit. It seems stupid, but it holds quite some truths.
It’s been going around for a while but if you haven’t seen it yet: Seth Rogan does a wonderful job in a Her parody, called ‘Him’. I totally need to see Her by the way. Anyone seen it yet? Any good?
I know I shared Maangchi in my last best-of-the-internet-article, but just look at how easy and good this goguma-bap is. It sounds bad, but those are sort of my magical words these days when it comes to cooking. I need my ‘mojo’ back, or whatever you call it.
Benoit Paillé has this gorgeous set of ‘Alternatives Landscapes’, along with some really great work, on his Behance profile. Definitely a photographer that needs to be put out there. I think the work of self-thaught photographers is always really surprising. It sometimes does make me think about other artists, but they always seem to have this really raw-like thing about them. Like it’s a flaw but a really good one that shouldn’t be covered up. Anyway, I really like his work.
A little Youtube video that sort-of-scientifically tells you that you shouldn’t stress so much.

And another little Youtube video where HIKAKIN and Ariana Grande do a bit of a duet. I always am flabbergasted by HIKAKIN’s beatboxing talents but this isn’t just really good, but the ending is so awkward and funny. If you’re not familiar with the Japanese beatboxer, I most ardently recommend you to watch this(!!!) video from 2010 where he collaborates with Chihaya Kosugiyama. If you don’t know who she is, no shame. She is a cutesy girl in a disney-like dress who is the 2007s Jr World Champion for whistling.

This last link has become a bit of a precious one to me. But it’s also a bit of a downer to put in between this little best of the internet-list. In the light of sharing the best of the internet I decided to share it since it’s been a real eye-opener. Andrew Solomon talks depression over at TEDx. It’s just one of those things we don’t really talk about I guess.

A little side note, I’ve been watching a lot of Olympics lately (Dutch ice-skaters, whoohoo!) and Adventure Time (thanks Ruben!) in between work and classes so this might not be a very representative best-of-the-internet from me, some of them are preeeeetty outdated. But nonetheless please do check them out.

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