On making a shit-ton of lemonade

Lately I realised life has been blurring past me. And I feel like I have been neglecting my thoughts, my blog and a lot of my (online) friends. I realised my life is in my own hands, and “duhhhh” of course it is. I’ve started to become a lot more conscious of my being and where I’m heading. It’s been keeping me busy, so I’m reconsidering my priorities as well these days. And you know, when life gives you lemons…

I’m not saying life has been bad lately, no no not at all! Sure, things happen, but I don’t want to go back to the old times where I would rant on all these little insignificant things. No I realised I will focus on the good things, being happy and all that jazz on this little blog of mine. You know the quote from Oscar Wilde right? About being in the gutter? Well, let’s look at the stars. I found out gratitude is key. And I hope to inspire you to practice gratitude. Though I’m not sure yet how to. Let me rephrase that, as corny as this may sound, I hope to inspire you. As you guys always inspire me.
These are pictures I took when I visited my parents’ new place last weekend. They have gorgeous heathland nearby their place where a few of these ancient cows just graze and laze around all day. I thought they were a bit scary at first, because they’re so big. But taking these pictures was surprisingly fun and I could get really near with them just being cool. I was also pretty happy that the first signs of springs were showing, it’s still been cold though. I just can’t wait for spring to start.

I’m closing this post with mini springrolls I got with a very good friend of mine when I was visiting The Hague. Because really, it is all in the little things. I hope March will be good to you, and let’s make a shit-ton of lemonade!

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