The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014)

I shared the trailer a few months ago, but now I can finally say that I have watched the film. I can agree with everyone on how splendid this is. My goodness, what a masterpiece. Thank you Wes Anderson. This might be my favourite off all your films.

I’ll be brief, because I know it’s not fun to read about things you really want to see yourself and have someone else talk nonsensical things about it. But can I just point out the sheer brilliance and perfection of the cast? And likewise for the story, and the music, and the set, and the costumes… obviously everything? And next to that, I’d really like to point out that I adored Ralph Fiennes and Tony Revolori as protagonists. They were splendid. But then again, I thought all members of the cast were quite wonderful (bloody brilliant!!).The movie is set in 1985, 1968, and, ultimately, to 1932. To be precise, it’s a story about a story that’s going to be a story (if that makes sense to you?). And it tells a story of work, art, friendship and love. It’s a story set around the time of the rise of Nazism and the German occupation, situated in ‘Central Europe’. The Grand Budapest Hotel is about the spiritual heritage and the political force of those long-vanished styles of the 30s. I really liked how Tilda Swinton put it: “a helter skelter of a murder mystery, prison escape and… a sort of mishmash of glorious details”. I recommend not to read or see too much about the film before watching, and just keep the story as surprisingly uncanny as possible. It’s worth the wait.

Please do yourself a favour and go watch it when you can… and then come back here and swoon over every little detail with me please. If you can’t, than I’d recommend you to check out the OST which was made by the superb Alexandre Desplat on Youtube. It definitely will not disappoint either.

tl;dr: do yourself a favour and go watch the movie.

Have a good weekend, folks!

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