Discussing ‘Catallena’

Hello all! Let me get a few things straight… I am not really into kpop, but as a matter of fact… I do quite enjoy beautifully curated artwork. And while I am still known as すしモンスター in certain circles I couldn’t help but share this little music video by the Korean girl group Orange Caramel. And, well… talk a little bit about it.

The music reminded me a bit about disco, but according to the internet it was more a bit like ‘Europop’. Yeah, I’m really not the one who should be talking about music. (For those who don’t know, I’m tone-deaf. I am probably the most tone-deaf person you will ever meet. But I do like my kind of music as you must have seen on the blog before).
Usually in kpop (I know I said I’m not so much into it but I’ve seen Girls Generation!) girl group music video’s there’s quite a lot of “sexy dancing” displayed. Which is, in my opinion very impressive because I certainly couldn’t keep pace, but not very…well, fetching. In this video by Orange Caramel however you see quite some body parts covered up with fancy dresses and some funky, wacky dancing. Lovely! I liked the “fish in packaging” concept, and I definitely liked the human sushi on the conveyor belt. But even better, I loved the octopus-ahjumma being all like “I’m expensive and worth it!”.
To just get it out there, I just really enjoyed the artwork in this video. Dancing on top of cutting boards, being packaged dressed like some sort of mermaids, the weird eyelashes, soaking in a bowl of soy sauce.. and so on! Touché kpop, I might actually start liking you more and more.

I’d like to know your opinion on this music video, and whether you have any recommendations for me to see!

Have a good week folks!

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