Best of the Internet #10

Hi! How have you guys been? I feel like I haven’t been here for ages. Exams are almost finished again, and I got myself a few presents! I rarely read magazines these days but I finally got the issue of Company with Zoella on the cover. A bit of a guilty pleasure of mine has been watching her (and the rest of the British crew) on Youtube sometimes in my spare hours. After a long day of work, studying or whatever we do with hour lives, I like to wind down a bit and watch a video or two full of positivity and happiness. And now she’s in a magazine! Are any of you familiar with Zoe Sugg?
Annnnd I finally got myself a Fjallraven backpack. Yes, yes I know… they ‘were all the rage last year’, but to be honest, I don’t care so much about trends. I’m not really a backpack person, but I found myself in need of such a bag and I just thought it was so cool and it’s in just the right shade of blue  (I’m picky like that). Talking about coooool, I’ve compiled a little list of links again!

It’s been out there for quite a while, but I never got to share it with you lot. A few of the gentlemen of the new film ‘Monuments Men’ sat down at the sofa over at Graham Norton and had a drink and a few laughs. Definitely worth your 40 minutes on a Wednesday-night. Bill Murray is a boss, and together with Hugh Bonneville and Matt Damon they make a pretty good show.
I was totally enraptured by the packaging design of these Etude House ‘heat patches’!? I haven’t dared to buy it yet but it looked so funny. Have any of you guys ever stumbled upon funny beauty products like these?

To be honest, I am not much of a fan of Joan Rivers. I don’t like her so much, to say the least. But this little video made me appreciate hew being more. She probably has had her reasons for changing into the person she is today, but this video is kind of kick-ass considering this was 1967.

On number 5 of this list was “a loss of perspective on what is and is not important”. And that was what initially caught my eye in this article. A (quite entertaining) list of America’s 99 problems, ranked.

Mariko from Letters Impromptu posted a little post about a DVF event where she was involved in. And it got me to watch this timelapse video of the making of the exhibition of the 40th year anniversary of the DVF Wrap Dress. I loved seeing this again, an exhibition being set up is a big thing, but the actual work before that is quite something else. I turned out wonderful, and I wish I could’ve seen the exhibition!

Elle Fanning starred in a short film named ‘Likeness’ last December. This short film is about body image, eating disorders, and it pretty much puts that out there. Just by images and actions. Elle, the magazine not the actress, has devoted an article to it. It is said to be a bit hard to watch, and it actually may be… but I think I love the artistry of it. The fear in Fanning’s eyes was gripping to me. It’s weird to say, but I thought it was wonderful.
And I am keeping the best for last. A lovely little blogpost that made me feel a lot of feelings: Meg from Megfee wrote a brilliant post on how Notting Hill (the movie) turned her day around. I know I am taking this way, way of of context, but I really loved this little passage:
“It’s like we’ve got these cups in our life. One for family, and one for friends, and one for work, and one for a love—and any one of these cups can be so full that it’s literally running over, but the part that runneth over doesn’t runneth over into any of the other cups. Excess work-juice doesn’t fill up an empty family cup, any more than an abundance of friendships can fill up an empty love cup.  Which is maddening and a little unfair, but probably, just as it should be.”         (so, uhh, yes, please read the whole damn thing.)
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