Lady with Long Hair

Something whimsical for the start of the weekend. The filmmaker Barbara Backos made a wonderful short film (about 9 minutes) about this lady with long hair. I thought it was witty, funny and a bit melancholic. It gave me some Cartoon Network-y vibes, but it’s completely its (very lovely) own. There is something about those big eyes and the music. To get to know more about the film, thoughts behind it and people involved go here, or click Amid Amidi.
“The film tells the story of an old woman who relives memories of her life contained within her hair. Bakos tackles the challenging concept using hand-drawn animation to create a sweet, memorable personality for her protagonist. The character is depicted as both frail with age and full of life and strength, which comes through especially when she bakes.” [Amid Amidi]
Happy weekend folks!
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