Fancyprancy: Perfume

Sometimes I am a nightmare. I know. I hereby apologise to my friends and family and people who get to experience me on a frequent basis. And this is partly because I easily get pounding headaches and I smell everything. This is not such good advertising for myself, but if we are on a friendly basis and I get a bit comfortable around you, I will let you know when for example your nail-polish or your shoes/feet are smelly. I’m sorry again… but isn’t it for the best? I mean, it’s like telling someone (in private of course) there is some lipstick on their teeth. (Do let me know though, do you tell people they have something on their teeth, etc, or do you consider it a rude thing to do?)
Now this was not exactly what I was trying to talk about, but now you know another little random fact about me. You must think, why Louise, are you talking about smelly things with these pictures of magic-in-a-bottle (aka. my favourite perfume)!? Well, there is only one answer: I was trying to show off this supercute tiny bottle of perfume I got with my Coco Mademoiselle eau de parfum last week, without sounding like a complete douchebag. It failed, but ISN’T IT A CUTIE!?
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